Welcome Aboard Panchtatva ... meet the blogger

Hi All

Once again, want to thank you all for showing love for Panchtatva... 

Please joins me in welcoming Panctatva's new member and a blogger... Manjushree aka Maggie!

It's an awesome feeling to welcome Maggie to Panchtatva. 

A video editing professional and a content writer by profession, Maggie aspires to do something not just great, but worthy with her life.... 

And don't go by her cutie-pie looks.. she is already taken by a sailor :) 

About me : 
I am a dreamer and a romantic girl, who loves the smell of first rains as much as i love the moon... 

Makeup for me is : 
Enhancing one's beauty.... everyone is a beautiful creation of God and makeup is just the brush which enhances it. 

Favourite Lip colour : 
Fuschia pink... Thank God the Pop trend is back... 

Favourite eye pencil colour : 
Shimmer and shine. 

Favourite colour : 
I love all colours because every colour has it's value. 

Best makeup look : 
Dramatic eyes with loads of colour. 

Worst makeup look :
Cakey foundation where people try to look fairer than their real colour. Love your skin guys... 

Maggie's first post would be up soon guys! Stay tuned. 

Also, if you are a blogger and want to be a part of Panchtatva, do write to us at 
you can also follow us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PanchtatvaTheEssenceOfLife

Love you all


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