BEAUTY BOX - Product Review : Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

key ingredients : Beer (Love this <3), SLES, alchohol content 0.25 %

Price Rs 160 for 200 ml


We all know the wonders beer does to our hair. I have been washing my hair with Beer especially in summers to give them a good shine and bounce and i simply love it.

So now, here is a shampoo that promises to give you all qualities of Beer in a simple shampoo form. The Park Avenue Beer Shampoo is the first of its kind shampoo that claims to have real beer to give you soft, silky hair naturally.

When i first saw it, I thought that a small sized Beer bottle has been kept at a wrong shelf. But on a closer look i found it was a shampoo. The packaging has been very cunningly designed to resemble a Beer bottle, complete with a black label. The cap is like a cap of a beer bottle, but its a flip open types. Sturdy, indeed and also, innovative. The cap however opens up to pour the right amount of shampoo.

The shampoo is a lovely beer coloured liquid which is not creamy, but of a very runny consistency. It smells like Beer too, but the smell vanishes after your hair is dry. So those who detest the beer smell can stop worrying on this aspect :) The shampoo has good lather, but if you have oiled your hair, you may need to wash your hair atleast twice.

Now, for the performance. The shampoo does clean your hair well and leaves them squeaky clean, but not something where you don't need a conditioner. However, it does add loads of shine and bounce in the hair. But those with dry hair may need to use a heavy duty conditioner to go with this. Also, for those who colour their hair, this may be a skip as it makes the hair a little dry and dull too. 

Also, one may need to use a lot of quantity as it takes a little time to lather. So, one cannot consider it to be a shampoo, that can be used economically.

For my performance meter, the shampoo scores 3 out of 5 for the shine and softness, but -2 for dryness. However, we all can still try out this exotic shampoo in humid or summer days when our hair gets all sweaty. 

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  1. Great review! It looks like a decent shampoo.

    1. Hi Niesha

      Have been reading ur blog too... Well it may be decent shampoo but nothing too great about it.


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