BEAUTY BOX - Monsoon hair care for frizzy hair....

Monsoon hair care for frizzy hair.... 

Hi friends... 

This is the very first post on the blog. We will have loads of simple D-I-Ys on the blog for you so that you not only enjoy doing them, but also, use the abundance of nature for your own benefit. 

Since monsoons are around, we thought lets share some D-I-Y monsoon hair tips to keep those frizzy hair away. These are using things which you can have easily and readily. 

And trust me, most of these D-I-Ys have been tried by me myself, so you can be sure of the results. I have medium length, brown hair which is towards dry and tends to go frizzy in monsoons. These tips have been sourced from experts, then tried on my own self, and after seeing the results, shared. However, be careful about the quantities and allergic reactions as they can have different results on different people. 


We all are aware of the benefits of aloe vera for our skin and hair. And those who are still doubtful, here are some benefits from the experts. Also known as Ghritkumari in hindi, aloevera plant can be easily grown in the house. infact, I had one aloe plant just two years ago, but they have outgrown to some 12 plants now. And monsoons seem to be the best time to cultivate aloe, even in a pot. 

Aloevara has loads of benefits for hair. Some of them are : 
a. relieves from scalp itching. 
b. relieves scalp inflammation. 
c. adds lustre and elasticity to hair. 
d. balances the natural ph of hair. 
e. promotes hair growth. 
f. heals the scalp. 
g. relieves from dandruff on regular use. 
h. helps retain moisture in the hair and evens out the cuticle. 
i. reduces frizz. 

No wonder aloe is one of the most favoured herb for hair care. 

The hair pack can be made in simple steps. 
All you need is : 

1. Gel from fresh aloe leaves. One can use the aloe gel from the market, but it has preservatives. Natural fleshy gel is the best for hair. For short hair, one leaf, for medium hair 2 and for long hair, 4 leaves. 

2. Curd (preferably a day old). Curd is also a wonder ingrediant for dry hair as it happens to cleanse the hair and also, nourish them. 

3. A bowl.
4. Your blender. 
5. Any essential oil (rosemary or lavender). But they can be skipped as well. 

- Break the aloe leaves and peel off the top part of the leaf with a knife. Now, extract the white transparent fleshy gel and keep it aside in a bowl. Do add some part of the leaf as well. 

- Take the curd in proportion with the gel. For gel from one leaf, take three table spoons of curd and likewise. The ratio should be 1 : 3. 

- Blend the mixture in a blender for two minutes. You would get a runny, frothy mixture in light green colour. The leaves will leave some green tinge. 

- Pour this mixture in a glass, steel or ceramic bowl (do not use plastic). Add three to four drops of essential oil and mix it well. 

- Let this stand for 5 minutes. The essential oil will settle inside. 

After 5 minutes, apply this mask on your scalp. You may find it a bit lathering, that's because of the aloe gel. After applying on your scalp, do apply it on your hair as well. Since the mask is runny, wear a shower cap on your head. 
Wash your hair with a mild shampoo after 45 minutes. Apply your regular conditioner for two minutes and then, give your hair a super boost with a cold water final rinse. 
Let your hair air dry. You will find your hair much smoother, easy to comb through, less frizzy and soft to touch. The hair stays this way for two to three days, but use this treatment weekly. You can also use the same in winters. 

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Till next, 
enjoy great hair days. 

Ta Ta !!! 


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(all pictures have been sourced from the internet)

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